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  • Amazing trip trough Chinatown
    Barbara Goldstein, United States 02/03/2018
  • ye win, United Kingdom 02/11/2018
  • Best tour in Singapore
    Maia Lemmik, Estonia 04/16/2018

History, Art & Culture

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History, Art & Culture

Arty types feel right at home in Singapore, a city-state steeped in heritage, history and culture. Design is this city’s forte. Green schemes like Gardens by the Bay are the new global paradigm for the role of the modern building, and offer soothing city oases for residents to live among - and travellers to guffaw at - daily. Museums and galleries also hold their weight on the global stage, with the best of the lot (the National Gallery Singapore, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, Red Dot Design Museum - we could go on...) free to enter and enjoy. If you’re looking to dive even further into the city’s history, art and culture scene, scroll on through the experiences below, which cover these topics and more in all their glorious detail.

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