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    Anne Szadura, Australia 01/31/2018

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Singapore Food Tours

Singaporeans are mighty proud of their food, and they’re right to be. The island nation is home to one of the most diverse food scenes out there and, given its location, it’s no surprise. For generations on generations, communities from surrounding Asian countries and further abroad have been living side by side with the indigenous Malay people. The result, gastronomically speaking, is a melting pot of distinctive tastes; a city where curry puffs are sold alongside dim sums, and inventive takes on the classics have created dishes that are altogether new and exciting. For the best representation of local cuisines, get yourself to a hawker centre. Every neighbourhood has its own, and each centre dishes up the island’s best meals for just a few bucks. Need some help navigating every corner and crevice of the food scene here? Sign up to one of our Singapore food tours, which pairs hungry travellers with local experts!
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