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  • Stephen Retford, Australia 09/04/2017
  • Manoj Phatak, India 11/04/2017
  • Amazing trip trough Chinatown
    Barbara Goldstein, United States 02/03/2018

Unique Experiences

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Unique Experiences

Looking for an activity that you haven’t ticked off the list in the Lion City? One so different that even your most worldly of traveller pals can’t have got to? Challenge accepted. From indoor skydiving and tastings tours with a twist to a feng shui tutorial that takes place at a cemetery (yes really), we bring you access to some of the coolest, most unexpected of Singapore excursions. We’re sort of over the old “hidden gem” turn of phrase, but if we weren’t, this is the page where we’d use it. These unique experiences in Singapore each offer a new perspective of the city that you won’t want to miss. They’re ideal for those travellers who’ve been there, done that, and got the T shirt. Have a scroll down, because we’ve got you covered!